10 Car Rally Protest Tips (No to Prop 16)

1.  Plan ahead. Announce the event to all your friends and family, and let them know your expected return hom time.  Decorate your car with proper signs (some suggestions).

2.  Take temperature before departing for the car parade.   

Dress for the weather, 82 Fahrenheit tomorrow.  Participants will be subdivided into groups of 5 participants each, with one leader to lead the way. 

3.  Check your vehicle before the parade. 

Make sure your car is in good condition, have properly functioning brakes and a full gas tank. Of course, don’t go without Business Auto Liability Insurance.

4. Select your driver.

Choose who’s going to be the driver, and make sure to follow all traffic laws.  Stay with your subgroup as much as possible, but don’t worry if you are off the course a little.  Ensure your drivers have a valid driver’s license and limited cellphone use while driving.

5. Follow any parade-specific requirements.

When you enter a parade, ensure you have a list of the organization’s guidelines. Contact phone numbers between your subgroup, and contact phone for the non emergency police department.  Don’t throw any object outside of your car.  Follow the guidelines to ensure we can participate in future parades.  More information will be released about the subgroup later today.

6. Bring a first aid kit.

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy, as well as someone trained in first aid.  Please let us know if you are certified for CPR.

7. Create clear signage

Ensure our message is easily recognized with specific signage.

Make sure no offensive language, please contact the group if you have questions about what to write.  

8.  Keep social distancing in mind as much as possible.  

You can voluntarily leave your parked cars to participate to listen to the speaker’s speeches in front of the Fremont City Hall; however, you can also choose to stay in your car and listen via Zoom app.

9.  Stay hydrated

Even if the weather is mild, everyone is encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, and bring snacks.  

10.  Dress for the weather In high temperatures, wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing. Also apply sunscreen and bring more to reapply.  It will be hot tomorrow.