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Adding “No Prop16” To your Profile Picture!

If you use Facebook, you can easily add “No Prop 16” to your profile picture!

For other social media platforms, you can also use download your “No Prop 16” Facebook profile picture!

Step 1: Click your current facebook profile picture, go to “Update”

Step 2: Click “Add Frame” to the right

Step 3: In the search box, input “prop 16”

Step 4: Select one of the No Prop 16 frames at the left side, then adjust the positioning/zooming at the right side.

Step 5: All done, now you have a cool “No on Prop 16” profile picture to show off!

Bonus Step: Guess what, when you download this picture, you can use in an of your social media accounts!

Try it and have fun! If you have other ideas to let more people to know to Vote No on Prop 16, please send to
Enjoy the fight!