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Car Rallies and Schedule

Since July 3, our grassroots volunteers in StopProp16 have been organizing weekly car rally protests in protest of Prop 16!

Not sure about coming out? Check out our videos and images below to see what it’s like. We welcome all – if you have any questions, text our event organizer (see each event page) or find us on social media

We follow social distancing guidelines and request everyone wear masks. And we are not “mostly peaceful protestors”, we are completely peaceful protestors!

Each time, hundreds of cars supporters showed up with a clear No on 16 message. We support equal rights for all, and refuse to be judged by the color of our skin or be thrown into a “caste” or “reservation” system. Prop 16 is a backward bill that insults the civil rights progress we have made in California through 2020.

See the news coverage of previous car rallies. Check below for livestreams and recap videos for each rally, and some events are also published at our eventbrite.

Join us, make your voice heard! Vote No on Prop 16!

Statewide Car Rally schedule

We have put all of our recent events on eventbrite:

Please click for the latest events!

Past Rallies

We had 1000 attendees and 500 cars at our August 8 rally in Los Angeles. Guest speakers included civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell and UCLA professor Richard Sander. On the same day, hundreds more came out both to Sacramento and San Diego – including Prop 209 backer Ward Connerly, and University of San Diego law professor Gail Heriot.

Car Rally Resources

past rallies

7/3 Friday

Cupertino (#1) – liverecap

7/11 Saturday

Fremont (#2) – live – recap

7/18 Saturday

Pleasanton (#3) – live

7/25 Saturday

Campbell (#4) – video

8/29 Saturday

Pasadena Car Rally (mini)

9/5 Saturday

Carmel Valley  (#12)

North Berkely (#13)

9/12 Saturday

Milpitas (#14) Postponed due to poor air quality