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All that I wish is that we won't see a follow up news saying "John Sullivan was found dead" (of course he committed suicide voluntarily, as usual)

Please protect him!!!

John Sullivan released conditionally without bail by Utah federal judge #FoxNews

Will @Uber issue a public statement on this?

I doubt it! #prop22 was a success after the huge spent, but I wish they learn a good lesson through the past few years:

Nobody is immune to the bad politicians, no matter you have some of their relatives hired in your company or not!

You can join Prof Pearl and send a letter to the CDE opposing its Critical Ethnic Studies approach. Don't wait! #DefendEthnicStudies

San Francisco South Bay Cupertino Union School District teacher tried to indoctrinate 3rd graders of their “dangerous” racial identities in a math class!
(Part one)
@realchrisrufo on @FoxNews interviewed by @IngramAngle

Like and retweet so more parents can be alarmed!

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December 15, 2020, 3:33 pm

I ATTENDED a water polo race equity zoom meeting yesterday and I asked the only questions...
all three and I made several comments, such as "I have never seen an incidence of racism at a water polo ... See more

December 8, 2020, 7:34 pm

The colleges and universities are ignoring the law. We need to attend their racial equity meetings are remind them what the law is. I attended a meeting yesterday and gave a short presentation. This ... See more

December 7, 2020, 1:30 am

Presentation to local college racial equity group...
Equity, as I understand it, means we try to make sure that every person has what they need to succeed.
Students come from families where no one ... See more