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KEEP DREAMS ALIVE! Youth Against Prop.16 – Statewide Rally

CA youth say NO to Prop16! Keep DREAMS alive! – NoProp16 In-Person & Online

Californians for Equal Rights/ No on Prop 16 (CFER) will host rallies in four California cities to highlight voices of young students and community advocates in support of equality under the law. Our courageous speakers will talk about their aspirations and dreams that would be impacted by Prop 16. In a sea of political propaganda and multi-million-dollar media buys to sway voter opinions toward racial preferences, let’s hear the dissenting voices from our youth speaking for the virtuous beliefs in what is true to the American Dream.

In-Person NoProp16 Rallies:

Time: Friday 10/16/2020, 5pm

Location: 4 California cities: Irvine, Los Angeles, Cupertino, Walnut Creek

Please go to one near you:

✅Southern CA 1: Bill Barber Memorial Park, Irvine

✅Southern CA 2: Creekside Park, Walnut

✅Northern CA 1: Cupertino City Hall, Cupertino

✅Northern CA 2: Civic Park, Walnut Creek

Our in-person rallies will be followed by a virtual zoom rally with opening remarks given by Civil Rights Champion and CFER President Mr. Ward Connerly. We cordially invite all friends to attend the events in your local areas and join us afterwards in our virtual rally.

Statewide Virtual Rally on Zoom:

Time: Friday 10/16/2020 7pm

Zoom Webinar ID: 964 8896 9506

Passcode: 189860

* Our in-person rallies will strictly observe social-distancing rules, and everyone please wear your mask.