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Charity Sale – Souvenirs for Car Rally

Free Souvenirs for our donors!【Souvenirs for Car Rally】 

Want to join our car caravan protest and turn your vehicle as a self-expression moving billboard, but are tired of decorating, painting, and cleaning? We have a solution for you! 

Check out our anti Prop 16 handcrafted posters, magnetic posters and bumpers stickers: various designs, durable and reusable, easy on/off, sticks well, absolutely no damage to the car, your top choice for protesting Prop 16. Now, they are free to claim as a token of our appreciation for your donation:

  • For every $100 donation: = 2 magnetic posters (23.4×16.5″), or 10 magnetic bumper stickers, 1 magnetic poster and 5 bumper stickers, or 2 handcrafted posters by kids
  • For donations over $100 in total, you can choose to receive the corresponding quantity of the items you want or fewer, e.g. if you donate $200, you can get 4 magnetic posters for free, or you can just take 2 posters if you don’t need that many. 
  • Green card holders and US citizens only: Please donate here, keep your receipt and pick up souvenirs at the local rally event site by showing your donation receipt
  • Souvenirs are available at each city rally event, but with limited quantity. first come first serve. 
  • For more questions, please contact volunteers at the event site. We are looking forward to seeing you! Thank you for your generous support!

Examples of large magnetic posters 23.4×16.5″:





C Kid


D Balancing


F Preferences


F For all


G Hands


H Kennedy


J Race



M – Prop 209


【Bumper Sticker 9*3】

$100/10 of these


Multi-purpose stickers (3″x2″) e.g. for face masks: recommended donation $10/10 of these

All event participants will get one


T-shirt stickers: 8″x8″, $20/4


Limited edition hats

Suggested donation $40


Other items

Flag – $10

Volunteer made signs