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Get Your #NoProp16 T-Shirt!

NoProp16 t-shirt!
NoProp16 t-shirt!

For a $20 donation you can have this valuable t-shirt as a reminder of all the good fights we have done together!

Words from Ward Connerly:
“The American Civil Right Institute is teaming up with Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) to defend Proposition 209.

CFER, as is customarily the case, does not have resources equal to those of our opponents. I am the president of both entities. As a result we must use other approaches to spread our message. During the month of October, we are asking our supporters to promote our position of NO on Proposition 16 by securing a creatively designed t-shirt that contains our message of equality for all. You can visit our website at to order your T-shirt. Supplies are limited.
Please order soon as I would like to have everybody wearing these throughout the month of October! These t-shirts will serve as a valuable reminder, after the campaign, of our victory. You can also donate online now through our website using your debit or credit card.
Thank you for your support, I can’t do what I do without you!”

– Ward Connerly