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Update 5/21/2021: the new PAC is officially here! Please check it out!

Update 3/24/2021: Mr. Ward Connerly announced the creation of the “Equal Rights For All PAC”

Update 1/28/2021: To echo Mr. Ward Connerly’s calling on helping the effort of #RecallNewsom, we are gathering again!

Do Not divide us, no on prop 16! - And We Won!!!

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It has been a long, struggling, uphill journey, but we made it!


Last night on election day, @CA4equalrights Pres. Ward Connerly (@tobeequal) officially announced the huge victory of #NoOnProp16! Thank you CFER leadership team!

It has been a seemingly impossible battle, and it was a battle with such characteristics:

  • People v.s. Career Politicians & Special Interest Groups
  • $1.6 million v.s. $30 million
  • 8000 individual donors v.s. 70 or so big donors
  • Truth v.s. Lies
  • Unpaid Civil Rights Fighters v.s. Paid Vandalism Promoting Staff
  • Struggling Self-media v.s. Biased “Mainstream” Media
  • Selfless Volunteers v.s. Huge money Burning Staff

And We Won!

Not only did we win, we won by a huge margin!

No on Prop 16: 57.23%

Yes on Prop 16: 42.77%

A landslide win with a huge margin of 14.46%!

Today, we proudly announce that MLK’s dream was not just a dream, it’s reality, again!

Now looking back, I am full of gratitude towards our selfless, talented, innovative and hard working #volunteers across the state! Without any one of you, we won’t have made it! We fought the good fight, and now we can be proud of ourselves!

Thank you, thank you and thank you!



on Behalf of Team


P.S. Please check in the artwork below to see if you have been involved in all or any of the efforts! Click to Read Full Letter
Vote Early!
Vote Early, Do Not Wait Until Last Minute!
The California Civil Rights Initiative protects us from discrimination. Prop 16 will repeal it and divide us. Vote no! Learn more about why it won’t bring us equal opportunity or affirmative action, but rather preferential treatment.

And the official ballot language of Prop 16 is here.
don't legalize

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”   – Dr. Martin Luther King

NO on PROP 16
NO on PROP 16

If Prop 16 passes, all schools in California will be allowed to make drastically different decisions based on race – like they currently do across the country, where race can be considered in admissions.

keep Contracting and college admissions fair

“Race preferences are very unpopular among Americans. If the public understands, ACA5 loses.”

“History will remember this moment. Don’t be the one who voted YES on ACA5, because it was the easy thing to do. Think about the consequences.”

Gail Heriot, Law professor; Member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Follow Prof. Heriot on Twitter @GailHeriot

“America’s experiment with democracy will fail if we divide our people into racial enclaves and allocate jobs, contracts, and college admissions on that basis.” – Ward Connerly

The text of Prop 209, 37 words:

“The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group, on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting”.

The text of Prop 209: 37 words, simple and direct…true equality…government neutrality with respect to the pursuit of happiness by citizens. Ask those who seek to remove 209 from the CA constitution. “Why? What do you dislike about the text?”

Mr. Ward Connerly (Twitter: @tobeequal)

Chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, former Regent of the University of California

NO on PROP 16!