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A new year with new goals!

  • Let’s make sure that “Equal Rights For All” is secured in California and the USA.
  • Let’s remind the politicians that we didn’t agree with the racist “Prop 16” in 2020
  • Let’s help to keep our businesses stay in CA
  • And a common factor of all these goals above is to #RecallNewsom!

As a group of volunteers who fought super hard to defeat prop 16 in 2020 election, we have a new goal to collect 100k signatures in the next 6 weeks proposed by Mr. Ward Connerly for the #RecallNewsom movement in 2021. An “official” announcement from Mr. Connerly is here.

To achieve this goal, we need to have 56 signature collection sites every Saturday and Sunday for the next 6 weeks, each site requires two
volunteers for 2 hours. And that makes it 2*2*56=224 volunteers (if each volunteer can show up only once for this effort).

So we are calling for our volunteers to come together again, to help out the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign.

The Recall Gavin 2020 campaign is not conservative or liberal, or right or left, or Republican or Democrat. This is a mass uprising.

To make it another success, as what we did to defeat Prop16, we need your help. If you want to join the volunteers team to help circulate and/or collect recall petitions, please sign up below for better coordination!

Why do we want to recall him? In addition to all the reasons listed in, yes sanctuary state, homeless crisis, irresponsible gov spending, high cost of living, etc. Other than that, Newsom also endorsed Prop 16 and promoted its author Shirley Weber to Secretary of State! He told California that he doesn’t believe that all people should be treated equally at all!

ATTENTION: The “County” entry is not “Country” entry, so please do not fill in USA as your county… And since we are recalling the CA governor, so the “State” is all CA, and that’s why it’s not in this form at all. Also please make sure you have your contact info accurate so we can reach you.

Please monitor your email for follow-ups unless you are already in one of our groups. Thank you.