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Heart-Felt Plea by Ward Connerly – please donate

Ward Connerly wrote a series of tweets after he appeared on TV news to talk about Prop. 16:

Something is going on in our beloved America, and in CA, and as the announced “leader” of this movement, I want to share my off-the-cuff thoughts. First, I welcome the 510 new Twitter followers who responded to what I had to say with very positive comments, some of which may be seen on Twitter. 

Out of all the comments, only one was negative, and that was from a Black man in Texas who called me a “house Negro.” That was meant to insult and intimidate me. Were I a lesser man, who was insecure about his beliefs, the tactic might be successful, but I thank God for giving me the fiber to withstand such tactics. I am a veteran in the war against bullies. Nothing could be worse than what I endured during the Prop 209 campaign. 

So, bring it on, you assholes who try to silence good people who are defending what we believe, and what we believe are basic values, such as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Our country is going downhill fast, and a primary reason is that we have become cowardly in the face of far left bullies who use fear and intimidation rather than rational thought and adherence to fundamental values.

I was called a “house Negro” because I dared to say that Whites are entitled to the same rights as Asians, Blacks, Latinos, whatever you identify as

If you are an American, in my world, you are my equal, and I am yours. I will defend your right to equality, and I expect you to defend mine

If we get this basic value right, everything else falls into place. If don’t, the glue that binds us together loses its strength. 

Anything that violates the principle of civic equality is a punch to the gut of America; and race is our most vulnerable spot. I was born in and lived through Jim Crow; and I don’t want to see it replicated against any other “race.” 

My friends of Chinese descent have come to understand this fact, and we should all be eternally grateful to them for leading this fight against Prop 16. They are the true civil rights leaders of our time. 

Prop 16 is merely a radical Progressives Trojan horse.  Here’s what’s in it [progressive’s agenda]: a requirement that every high school student take a critical race theory/ethnic studies class prior to graduation. The core of the curriculum is to focus on how America has “historically oppressed America’s minority populations.” Also included is a law that imposes quotas on the governing boards of publicly traded, PRIVATE companies doing business in CA.  

If you connect the dots of these things, and if your IQ is higher than your age, you can see what’s going on.  The central theme of Bernie Sanders campaign was that he wanted to “transform America.” So, from what to what, I ask. Read the official CA Ballot Voter Guide, and the progressive playbook stands out like a sore thumb. 

The Prop 16 proponents argue for “representation, diversity and equity.” They say Asians are “over-represented at UC and, shockingly, “whites have too much wealth and power” and  “older White men run the companies” that are awarded too many public bid contracts. They want a regime change, to use a 3rd world analogy

What if I said the LA Lakers have too many Black players on the team?

In America, our eyes may see skin color, but our “colorblind” value system tells us NOT to assign value or to discriminate on the basis of that factor. Clearly, most Americans believe this

Then, why are we doing battle over something that the clear majority already believes? Because the far left CA legislators have seized control and they abuse language. They seduce us into silence with terms like affirmative action, diversity, underrepresented, disparities, role models, racial justice, etc. We don’t bother to ask “what the hell are you talking about?” Because we are often too genteel, we shy away from a verbal spat, we don’t want to be called a racist or Uncle Tom or House Negro. 

The principle of equality should be our time and place to draw a line in the sand. We are on the right side of history, our Creator, i firmly believe, our Constitution, our laws, and common human decency

The “regressives,” I call them, have raised over $15M as opposed to our $1.2M, they have a deceptive and fraudulent ballot title written by a regressive AG, and the polls show they are trailing by about 15 points. They are out of step. 90% of their funds come from progressive billionaires, unions and others who have been frightened into supporting this vile measure.  The Charter School Assn, which is roundly opposed by Democrats, donated $100k to Prop 16. Either laundered or frightened Into giving. 

If we can stop them here, we begin the long journey of reclaiming CA, and preventing the virus of race preferences from spreading to other parts of America

We have the best team of volunteers that we have ever had, and I have been through 10 of these campaigns nationwide. We have a superbly talented and wise paid campaign team, and we have  an innovative plan that is working effectively.

But, we need about $600k to prevail. And every penny donated will go into the No on 16 campaign. If you believe in what we are doing (and I don’t believe you would be following me just because of my personality or because you enjoy the boredom of this serial tweet), send whatever you can to the No on 16 campaign.