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#18 “No on Prop 16” Car Rally in Mira Mesa on Oct 24th


10510 Marauder Way

10510 Marauder Way, San Diego, CA 92126

San Diego, CA, US, 92126

#18 Statewide “No on Prop 16” Car Rally in Mira Mesa on Oct 24th

Join us in the statewise #18 “No on Prop 16” Car Rally in Mira Mesa.


10 – 10:30 Parking and gathering at speaking area.

We have posters and fundraising sales. You can attend the public speech in person. It’s also available as Facebook live stream

10:30 – 12:00 Car Rally.

We ask all cars to join the rally and start from Mira Mesa High School Parking Lot (next to Mira Mesa Blvd), San Diego; wait in line to join and stay close. The full route is about 16 miles, stay on the right track with your emergency lights on.

Tips to plan for the event:

(1) Check out our 10 car protest tips.

(2) Come early to join our fundraising event and check out posters and charity sales.

(3) Learn how to self-decorate a car.

Our Slogans:

Keep Discrimination Illegal

Equal Rights 4 All

No Prop 16

No Divisive Prop 16

Prop 16 Risks Your Kids’ Future

Do not Judge us by Skin Color

Proposition 16 is a hugely negative sum policy. The followings are at stake if Prop 16 is passed:

1) Prop. 16 clouds merit-based system;

2) Prop. 16 grants government and public universities more power to pick winners and losers;

3) Prop. 16 legalizes preferential treatment on basis of protected categories;

4) Prop. 16 pits racial groups against each other;

5) Prop. 16 can discriminate against anyone of any race, ethnicity, gender, today or in the future if such person belongs to a “over-represented” group;

6) Prop. 16 may actually hurt intended beneficiaries;

7) Prop. 16 averages down all and hurts California greatness; and

8) Prop. 16 increases tax and wastes tax money on politically connected high-bid contractor.

It is simply wrong to empower the government and public universities to force racial outcomes legislatively. It is racism by textbook definition to declare a class of Americans are “over-represented”.

After all, we are all Americans!

Vote NO on Proposition 16 and demand the government and the public to do difficult work by improving fundamentals and really help the needed.

Please join us to have your voice heard!