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How will our next generation vote on Prop16?

- what I've found in the class debate

by  Lirui


Almost everyone I have recently talked to has not heard of Proposition 16. However, once I explained what Prop16 is about, almost everyone has instantly agreed that it’s NOT a good idea. It’s a simple concept – Prop16 will make it legal to discriminate based on race, sex, color or ethnicity.  

I can’t help but think of how our kids would react to Prop 16 if they really knew what it will do to them?

In reality, our kids will be impacted the most, for better or for worse, if Prop 16 is passed. To help answer this question, I decided to volunteer in my son’s 6th grade class and host a debate focusing on voting Yes or voting No to Prop16.

About 50 students participated in the debate. The debate session lasted 40 minutes, starting with the explanation of Prop 16, followed by some sample arguments from both those supporting Prop 16 and those opposing Prop 16. At the end of the debate, students were asked to cast their own vote in a simple poll. Below is the poll result.


The poll result showed over 80% of the students voted ‘No’ for Prop 16. 

I believe these results show that they believe everyone should be treated equal and that they don’t want to grant preferential treatment to one group at the expense of another group. I believe it shows they prefer fair competition based on merit, not skin color.

I’m delighted to see the result not only because I think it shows how our young generation is able to use their judgment to make the critical decision, but also because I see the future in them -  smart, kind and a belief in fairness.

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