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Car Rally 8/1 – Santa Clara – #NoProp16

Car Rally Protesting Prop 16 in Santa clara 8/1

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Welcome to our 5th Statewide No Prop 16 Car Rally Protest in Santa Clara!

Meet at 11AM at AMC Mercado, 3111 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA.

1. Check out Facebook live stream when the event starts.

2. Check out our 10 car protest tips.

3. Come early to join our fundraising event and check out posters and charity sales.

4. Learn how to self-decorate a car.


  • Please DO NOT take the risk if you have any symptoms of sneezing, coughing, fever, etc.
  • Please cover your face and keep social distancing.

10:30am: Volunteer services and last-minute decoration

11:00am-11:30AM Speeches on FB live

11:45-12:45 Car rally: Recommended speed 5 mph and horn honking


Open route part 1 on Google Maps:

Open route part 2 on Google Maps:

  1. From AMC Mercado, take a right on Wildwood Avenue.
  2. Take a right on Lawrence Expwy, then Take Right on Tasman Drive. (some part is in Sunnyvale)
  3. Take a right on Lick Mill Blvd.
  4. Take a right on Montague Expwy.
  5. Take a right on Cabrillo Avenue.
  6. Take a right on Nobili Avenue.
  7. Take a right on Monroe Street.
  8. Continue and take a right on Pruneridge Avenue.
  9. Take a right on Lawrence Expwy.
  10. Take a right on El Camino Real.
  11. Take a right on Lafayette Street.
  12. Take a right on Homestead Road.
  13. Take a right on Pomeroy Avenue.
  14. Take a right on Benton Street.
  15. Take a right on Los Padres Blvd.
  16. Take a right on Forbes Avenue.
  17. Take a right on Kiely Blvd.
  18. Take a right on Central Park parking. 
After the event, on Sunday, August 2 7pm, check out our recap meeting:
Check in on Zoom (Meeting ID 818 1117 7520) or Facebook live
Featuring speakers:
Ritesh Tandon, Candidate for U.S. Congress – District 17
Bob Brunton, Candidate for State Assembly – District 25
Garry Barve – Santa Clara City Councilmember
Rishi Kumar, Saratoga City Councilmember and candidate for congress – district 18
Michael Goldman, Sunnyvale City Council and 2020 mayor candidate
Sudha Kasamsetty – Candidate for Cupertino School Board